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Three Designs To Consider For Your Drum Head

If you play drums in a band, it can be fun to customize some of your gear to give it more of a professional appearance. While some people might paint their gear themselves or use stickers, a better option is to find a printing company that can print a custom design onto your drum kit. A common place to have this image appear is on the head of the bass drum, as this is the surface that is most visible to your audience. There are many different designs that can work well for your drum head, including these ideas.

Band Logo

Many bands design their own logos or hire friends to create this artwork as they get established. Having your own logo can work well for all sorts of branding. For example, you might make T-shirts and stickers that you can sell at your shows. If you have a logo, this can be a good design to get printed onto the head of your bass drum. The large surface area of the drum head means that the rendering of your logo can be quite large, making it visible even to those who are several rows deep in the crowd. Even if you don't have an established logo, you might think of having your band name appear on the drum head.

Genre Image

There are many different images that can relate well to different genres of music and be a good fit for the head of your bass drum. If you play classic rock, you might consider an American flag rendering. If you play heavy metal, something that is black and perhaps features lightning bolts or other similar imagery may be appealing. A Christian rock band might favor an image of the cross on the drum head, while a Celtic band could feel that a shamrock would be ideal.

Sponsor Logos

It's common for bands to seek sponsors when they're starting out, especially if you're planning a small tour and need funds to play these shows. If you have a tour coming up and you're thinking about securing a few sponsors, one idea is to have each of their logos and/or names appear on your drum head. This can be an incentive to have organizations sponsor you, and you may find that some local companies are excited for you to feature them in such a prominent area.

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