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3 Ways To Get Your Pantry More Organized In The New Year

A new year means that you have a redo on just about every aspect of your life. If you have a New Year's resolution to get more organized, then you may be wondering where on earth you should start. One of the best places for you to start is with your pantry. Why? Pantries can get cluttered really quickly, which can turn into a daily disaster. Additionally, because pantries are smaller spaces, you may not feel overwhelmed by starting to organize with them. So, how can you organize your pantry? This article will take a closer look at three things for you to do. Are you ready to learn a little bit more? 

Get Rid of Old Food

The first thing that you should do is get rid of old food that you don't use. Go through your entire pantry and get rid of food that you haven't used in a really long time. This will also give you a chance to make a list of food that your really need for your family. 

Get Storage Containers

Pantries are full of miscellaneous boxes of snacks, lots of cans of food, and a whole other slew of food. If you want your pantry to have a more uniform look, then consider getting storage containers. Storage containers like baskets, in particular, are really useful. Why? Because then you can store like items in them and get rid of a lot of boxes. For example, you can take all of your granola bars out of your box and then put them in a giant basket for your kids to get after school. Another thing you can do is get larger glass canisters to store your baked goods in. For instance, you can put your flour and sugars in separate storage canisters. 

Printed Labels

In addition to getting baskets to store your food in, make sure that you get printed labels as well. Printed labels from companies such as Dixie Labels & Systems Inc will help you to know exactly where everything is without you having to dig through it. Additionally, if you store your baking goods in canisters, you can differentiate from things that tend to look alike, like flour and powdered sugar. When you have your labels printed, you can also be creative and choose a custom font and font size of your choice. 

These are just a few ways that you can get your pantry more organized in the new year.