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Talking About Printing Services

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Useful Features To Look For When You're Shopping For A New Copy Machine

Even with the advent of paperless technology, copy machines are still needed by many businesses to replicate physical documents. If your business needs a new copy machine, you should pick one that is capable of meeting all your copying demands and that has additional features that can enhance the way that you reproduce documents. By getting a copier with some of these key features, you can change the way that you copy for the better and improve some of your other business operations.

Fast Copying Speed

If you print copies in large quantities often, a copy machine with a high print speed can streamline the process. You can look for a machine that's capable of producing anywhere from 40 to 90 pages of copied material per minute to keep up with your photocopying needs. However, speed shouldn't be the only factor when you're looking for something that can meet your printing demands, so it's also important to consider the quality of the copies that are produced so that all documents are legible and images are clearly visible without looking sloppy.

Remote Printing Capabilities

Many workers today are working outside the office from their homes or other locations, and a machine that can print and copy while the person who's operating it is in a remote location can be highly practical for your business. By accessing and programming the copier through a mobile app, your employees will be able to print many copies of certain documents for your business remotely to save time. Some of today's best new copy machines even work with cloud technology for greater convenience.

Scanning Capabilities

Many of today's copiers do more than just copy papers and can scan documents and images easily. If you want to convert many of your physical documents to a digital format, purchasing a new copy machine that has a built-in scanner can simplify the process. A document feeder that can scan both single- and double-sided papers may be better than a standard image scanner that's more limited. 


Manufacturers of some of the top-rated copiers have even found ways to make their machines more secure with modern technology. You can look for a copy machine that has encryption and overwriting software on it so that sensitive stored data can only be viewed by authorized people. Pin pad access and usage tracking are other security features that you may want to have with your next copy machine.

The right copy machine can be an excellent investment for your business, so it's important to consider all the possible features that you can get with your copier when you're browsing through all the machine options. By having the best features, your new copy machine will give you a smarter and faster way to conduct business.