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Talking About Printing Services

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Why Your Company Should Consider Managed Print Services

When you're trying to reclaim your company's budget and IT structure, one of the things you might be overlooking is the print services. In fact, many businesses find that they benefit greatly from the investment into managed print services. If you've been considering your options and have thought about talking with your IT consultant about managed print services, here's a look at what you need to know about the benefits of this type of system.

Controlled Costs

If you've ever had to deal with a failing printer that unexpectedly cost your company hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair or replace, you know how important it is to be able to predict and budget your printer costs. That's one of the greatest benefits of managed print services.

Your IT services provider will assess your existing printing equipment, including your print servers, the printers themselves, and your supply needs. After looking at your average usage, the age of the machines, and the types of printing your company does, you'll receive a quote for managed printing services for a fixed monthly fee. This is far easier to budget as a consistent expense, saving you unpredictable costs.

Comprehensive Service

You might wonder if it's worth paying for managed print services through a local IT consultant. After all, are you going to have other associated costs in addition to that monthly fee? For example, what happens if your printer breaks down? 

Managed print services are all-encompassing. Your monthly fee for the service will include not only routine maintenance on the printer and the server infrastructure, but they will also include your toner and other printing supplies as well as break-fix response. If you have a printer breakdown, you call the IT consulting firm that handles your managed print service. They will come out and address the repairs as part of the contract.

Improved Use Of In-House IT Staff

Printers often see a lot of use in the business environment. As a result, they can often be the troublemakers of the office and need a lot of attention. For businesses with a small IT department, you might find that your IT staff spends more time addressing printer and print server issues than they do dealing with other necessary IT infrastructure tasks.

That's another great reason to invest in managed print services with an IT consultant. Your managed print service will eliminate the printing issues from your IT staff's schedule, freeing them up for other important tasks. That allows you to make the most of the overhead associated with those employees.

There are many different services in the IT consulting industry that can help your business, and managed print services are no exception. Talk with a firm near you today for more details and to secure the managed print service contract that you need.