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Talking About Printing Services

Hello, my name is Mitzy. Printing houses often produce all of the advertising materials, including flyers and brochures, used by small and large companies. The printing services may include design assistance to help clients make the best impression on their customer base. I will use this site to talk about all of the different design techniques and printing tools used in this industry. I hope the information I place on my site will help you acquire printing services without worry. I welcome you to visit anytime. Thanks for coming by my website.


Three Points To Consider When Investing In A Desktop Paper Folder For Your Office

If you fold a lot of brochures, envelopes, or other paper products at your office, it may be time to invest in a tabletop paper folder. There are a number of options on the market, and as you select your desktop paper folder, there are a number of criteria you may want to keep in mind. Consider going through these questions as you shop.

1. What Type of Paper Does the Machine Work With?

Some desktop paper folders are only designed to work with one size of paper, while others work only with envelopes. If you only fold one type of paper, just get a machine that works with that size of paper — that will typically save you money compared to getting a machine that works with multiple sizes. On the other hand, if you need versatility, look for a machine that can handle a range of paper and envelope sizes.

2. What Folds Does the Machine Offer?

The number of folds offered also varies from machine to machine. If it works for your office, you can get a paper folder that does just the basic tri and half folds. However, you can also find machines that do complicated C, Z, and parallel folds. There are also machines that allow you to electronically adjust the folding table so that you can customize the folds.

3. How Many Sheets Does the Feed Table Hold?

In most cases, investing in a tabletop paper folder saves you time and money. In particular, you don't have to pay someone to fold all the paper by hand. However, if the paper folder only takes a few sheets at a time, someone has to sit there manually feeding the machine, and that can be counterproductive to the whole reason you got the machine in the first place. To ensure you save time and that using the machine is virtually labor free, look at the feed table capacity. Ideally, you want your staff to be able to load 100 or even more sheets of paper and then sit back (or work on something else) while the machine handles the work.

Finally, while considering all these issues, you may also want to consider whether or not a tabletop machine can truly handle the volume of paper you need folded. If not, you may want to outsource your folding needs to a company that focuses on miniature paper folding in bulk quantities. Contact a company, such as Flottman Company, to get a quote, and then compare that to the cost of investing in a paper folder and paying staff to operate and oversee the process.