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Hello, my name is Mitzy. Printing houses often produce all of the advertising materials, including flyers and brochures, used by small and large companies. The printing services may include design assistance to help clients make the best impression on their customer base. I will use this site to talk about all of the different design techniques and printing tools used in this industry. I hope the information I place on my site will help you acquire printing services without worry. I welcome you to visit anytime. Thanks for coming by my website.


3 Times That Full Color Printing Is Worth The Cost

If you have a tight marketing budget, you may need to decide when it is worth the extra cost to print your marketing material in full color and when printing in black and white will not negatively affect your sales or conversions. Often, printing large projects in black and white can free up enough money to expand your campaign or add an extra advertising method into your budget. However, there are times when full color printing is worth the extra cost and printing in black and white can actually lose you sales and contacts. Below are three times when you need to pay the extra cost for full color printing that you should keep in mind while planning your marketing strategy for the year. 

You Are Trying to Generate Interest In New Customers 

Researchers have found that color visuals increase an individual's willingness to read a piece of information by 80% and also positively affect motivation and participation. This is important to consider when you are presenting advertising materials in a location where you do not already have a presence or potential customers have not expressed interest in your services. For example, if you plan to hand out fliers on the street or place them on vehicles in a parking lot, you may raise the engagement factor and make those fliers more effective by printing them in color. 

If you know already have your customer's interest, because they are in your store, for example, then you might be able to get away with black and white print materials. However, if you are trying to get their interest in a neutral setting, where they are unprepared to receive your message, you should try to increase your chances for success by printing in color.  

You Have Important, Time-Sensitive Information that Potential Customers Need to Remember 

Another study has found that color improves memory and comprehension by 73%. This means that if it is critical that your potential customers remember a piece of information, you should be prepared to print the related material in color. This is especially important for time-sensitive advertisements, such as weekend sales your company is having. For example, you might print most of your advertising material in black and white, but when you want to advertise for a specific holiday sale, you will want to change to a full color format to catch your reader's attention and help them remember which days they should show up at your store. Similarly, if you want your clients to remember a specific product more than others, you can print that product's brochure in color to make it stand out in your client's memory. 

You Need to Stand Out In a Crowd 

If you are planning to hand out promotional materials at a fair or conference, it is likely that your materials will be just one part of a bigger package that attendees receive. If you print black and white materials, it is more likely that your fliers or brochures will be lost in the overwhelming amount of information potential clients are receiving. To make sure you stand out, you not only need to invest in full color printing, but you also need to make sure that you are using a truly unique, eye-catching design in your materials. While black and white materials may be interesting enough if you are the only vendor at an event, as soon as you are in direct competition with other vendors, you should make the switch to color materials.

While color printing may be slightly more expensive than black and white, it is often a better use for your marketing budget. By planning your marketing strategy early, you can set aside the appropriate funds to print in color when the situation demands. For more information about the costs and uses of color printing, contact a company like Excalibur Printing.